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What are acceptable sources for a research paper

Research Paper FAQ - Although Wikipedia is a good place to do some “presearch”, familiarize yourself with a topic, and get some keywords for more scholarly research, it is not a strong enough source to be listed inside of the paper. However, the bottoms of many Wikipedia entries contain links to great articles that may be more appropriate for scholarly research. How to Cite Other Sources in Your Paper - In the Literature Cited you must provide complete citations for each of the published sources cited in your paper. The format for entries in the Literature Cited section differs for books and for journal papers because different kinds of information must be provided. Dr. Hensel's Research Paper Advice I expect to see evidence that you have used all five sources in researching this paper, including appropriate citations wherever each one was used. Acceptable Sources. This web page lists a variety of sources that are acceptable for use in advanced college research papers such as those required in my courses.

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A research paper requires information from sources that are as reliable as possible. In science and the social sciences, this reliability is established by the peer-review process. Academic journals subject articles to the peer-review process so that other professionals have examined and vetted the information before it is published. PDF MIDDLE SCHOOL RESEARCH POWER - Trumbull A research paper comments on the quantity and quality of sources A research paper does not simply summarize and present the ideas of others. A good research paper distinguishes between reliable and biased sources, between authoritative and questionable statistics, between fact and opinion. Source: "Research Paper." ResearchPaperWriter. Web ... Argumentative Research Paper Examples - 123HelpMe™ Argumentative Research Paper Examples. When writing argumentative research papers, students choose a topic, often a controversial one, conduct research on it extensively, and then uses the research findings to stage their opinion on the topic. Argumentative research papers need a bit of structure, unlike the regular essays. How to Find Primary Sources · University of Minnesota Libraries

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The Perfect List of Controversial Research Paper Topics and ... Once you have your research in place, it is time to get on with the actual business of writing. Write the first draft purely from your understanding of the topic, then, begin the process of refining what you have written. You will probably have to present your final paper in a certain specific format, listing all your sources and references. Tips for Organizing Sources for Research Papers - Habits of a ... If there is a major writing assignment for an undergraduate archaeology course, it is usually an end-of-term research paper. In this post, I focus on one of the key elements of such a paper — sources. What are Sources? Sources provide information. A source can be a person, document, object (e.g. painting, map, potsherd), location, etc. Scholarly, Popular, & Trade Sources - Scholarly Journals ... When you are doing research, most of your sources should be scholarly. Often, popular periodicals are called magazines and scholarly periodicals are called journals. Many times it will be acceptable to use some popular material, but research papers should not be based solely on popular literature.

What are acceptable sources for a research paper -

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Only relevant sources should be used for writing a research paper on Education. Check online libraries, read a lot of material and find the most suitable for your topic. Check the list of commonly used sources to find which are the most convenient for you

Most college papers will require you to use the active voice. ... cannot be vague about a source or write as though some facet of your research is irrelevant. Inter Research » Journals » Guidelines_Authors Mar 8, 2019 ... Acceptable manuscript types ... Theme Sections/Specials integrate expert analyses, highlighting an important research area or problem (e.g. a collection of high-quality papers .... Declare all sources of funding of the study. Editorial and Journal Policies | PNAS

Where to Find Credible Sources for Your Research Paper ... Finding Credible Sources Online. The dreaded research paper can leave many wondering where to go for information. With the Internet being so accessible, it might be tempting to type words into Google and use whatever comes up first.